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Current List of Best All-Time Movies

At the risk of dating myself,

Here is my A list of dramatic films…



  1. The GodfatherBased on a novel by Mario Puzo, F. Coppola, Brando, Pacino, Caan, Keaton, all pull off the “King of my Hill”!
  2. The Graduate-Hoffman is brilliant and the centerpiece with a groundbreaking music background.
  3. Star Wars-George Lucas puts science fiction in the forefront and makes himself a trillionaire!
  4. The Shining-The best Steven King movie ever, special thanks to J. Nicholson and Stanley Kubrick.
  5. Apocalypse Now-Despite Brando trying to ruin the movie, and Sheen’s outstanding performance the film wins out.
  6. Bravehart-I put this film here mostly because I like M. Gibson and the story that he tells.
  7. Rosemary’s Baby-Although I’ve picked some early films, there is no doubt what a great script and cast do to make a film immortal.
  8. Alien-Ridley Scott’s sci-fi film alters science fiction into an art form, sexy, scary and hypnotic, sensational cast.
  9. The Exorcist-Based on the novel, film launches the career of Linda Blair who never seems to escape the typecast of her character.
  10. 2001 a Space Odyssey-Kubrick’s film about mankind and space are 
  11. Taxi Driver-Foster and De Niro are the centerpiece in this cult classic and boosted one of the greats by Harvey Keitel.
  12. Goodfellas-Outstanding performances by Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci and Paul Sorvino, don’t forget to stir the sawce!
  13. The Elephant Man-John Hurt and Anthony Hopkins give compassionate performances that won’t be forgotton!
  14. Saving Private Ryan-Hanks, Damon, Sizemore deliver the Creme de la Creme!
  15. Jurassic Park-Based on the novel Michael Crichton and directed by Steven Spielberg a sci fi film that lays down gavel of how action films should be made.
  16. Titanic-Not really into love stories but can’t help to be drawn into the setting, and spectacular special effects.
  17. Ray-Jamie Foxx should have received the academy award, shame on you hollywood!
  18. Schindler’s List-Will never be another historical film that contains documented proof and precise detail-mixed with exceptional storytelling.
  19. The Silence of the Lambs-This is why Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins are one of the best actors of all time!
  20. Million Dollar Baby-Clint Eastwood’s best directorial movie, Morgan Freeman and Hillary Swank are a blessing.

Here is my B list of dramatic films…

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